Consultation Hourly rate:

My hourly rate is $75/hr. There is a minimum of $150.

I charge $35/hour for round-trip travel time in excess of 60 minutes from Longmont. For example, if my round trip travel time is 90 minutes then there will be an additional fee of $17.50.

Staging Consultation:

My hourly rate for staging consultations is $75/hr. There is a minimum staging consultation fee of $150.

I charge for travel time as above.

The staging consultation consists of meeting the owner or the owner’s agent at the property. I will do a walk-through to determine recommendations on how to prepare the property for sale.

This consultation also includes a written checklist of the recommendations that we discussed. This checklist will be emailed to you. I charge my hourly rate to prepare the written recommendations.

If the consultation includes a staging bid, the consultation fee will be waived or refunded upon acceptance of the staging bid.

Decorating Consultation:

I also consult on redecorating and paint color selection, @ $75/hour.

Staging using SHS’s furniture and/or accessories:

I do not offer staging cost estimates on my website because owners and properties are each unique in their needs. Whether the property is vacant or partially vacant, whether I am to use the owner’s furniture, or whether I am just adding accessories – I need to see the property to determine the cost of staging.

My fee for staging will depend on the furniture and accessories I am providing, the physical layout of your home, available parking, and the distance to your home from my warehouse in Longmont.

My bid includes the costs of moving furniture and accessories into the property, accessorizing, arranging pictures, etc., to prepare your home for sale. My bid will include the costs of removing my furniture and accessories from the property, as well.

My bid will also show the monthly rental charge for the furniture and accessories I provide.

Before we proceed with staging, I require a signed approval of the bid’s terms. The staging fee is due the day of staging unless other arrangements are made. We accept personal checks, Paypal, and major credit cards. Major credit cards must be swiped and signed.

Rental fees are due monthly in arrears. I will send an invoice monthly and payment is due immediately. There is a minimum one-month rental fee. For months other than the first, your rental will be prorated depending on the number of days of rental. We accept personal checks, Paypal, and major credit cards. Major credit cards must be swiped and signed.

I am insured for any damage I or my assistants do to your property. It is your or your insurance company’s responsibility – whether your property is occupied or not – to reimburse me for any damage (perhaps because of pets) to or theft of my inventory while my inventory is in or on your property.